Our Focus


We believe in a service continuum…

SG&C infographic.jpg

Advisory & Goal Setting

  • Establish realistic client goals to meet... and exceed

  • Analyze and find ways to uptick profitability

  • Develop intuitive tools like business dashboards to give you key indicators at a glance

  • Monitor business processes on an ongoing basis

  • Develop personal financial plans

  • Support unique needs of entrepreneurs

  • Plan based on personal and business lifecycles

  • Support “FIVE LEVELS” Service

Financial Reporting

  • Customize management reports

  • Create personal financial statements

  • Conduct audits, reviews & compilations

  • Develop consensus procedures, internal controls & assessments

Managed Accounting

  • Deploy complete or partial accounting outsourcing

  • Manage your accounting staff

  • Act as trusted advisor: CFO/Controller

  • Provide bookkeeping from daily to quarterly support

  • Manage payroll functions

  • Prepare all tax returns and filings necessary for compliance

  • Administer all A/P functions on your behalf

  • Provide SG&C client portal with 24/7 access

  • Manage paperless processing & electronic filing

Tax Planning & Return Preparation

  • Provide comprehensive business tax planning

  • Provide comprehensive personal tax planning and integrate with business tax planning if necessary

  • Consult on entity selection such as partnerships, LLCs, etc.

  • Complete business and personal tax returns

  • Manage all sales & use tax and multi-state tax issues

  • Provide for lifecycle planning including college, retirement planning, estates & trusts

  • Consult on family wealth & gifting strategies

  • Develop exit or succession planning

  • Represent you in the event of a tax inquiry or audit

In-House Accounting Support

  • Consult, customize and install accounting systems

  • Set up a uniform chart of accounts

  • Manage in-house financial personnel

  • Assist in closing the books

  • Ensure tax compliance & reporting

  • Conduct employee benefit plan/401K audits

  • Act as trusted advisor: CFO/Controller